GSoC 2018 : An abrupt end

Having completed an applied Mathematics project last year, I wanted to explore a CS specific field. Hence I decided to apply for a parallelization project under CERN-HSF.

On April 23 of this year, I was accepted into the project. However, I have failed the second evaluations due to my main PR#2236 not being able to get compiled till date. In retrospect, both me and my mentors were not able to resolve the compilation issue so far. Strangely enough, the Jenkins build is able to compile the code I wrote and report errors which are not even visible on my machine.

Anyway, I think and have also advised juniors in the past that contributing to Open Source libraries is largely beneficial and teaches one a lot(with or without the GSoC certificate).

Hence, have decided to keep on contributing and get my project finished unofficially. My main aim was more inclined towards getting involved with CERN and getting to contribute to one of the most amazing science experiments of our century.



4 thoughts on “GSoC 2018 : An abrupt end

  1. Hey Arif ! I think everyone who knows you is still proud of you of getting such a wonderful opportunity. I am sure that your motivation will be valuable to everyone alike. Best of luck for your completion of the task.

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