Week 10 Report(August 4 – August 10) : More functionality for 3D case.

This week I continued work on PR#13082. The last implementation left for the 3D case is the hyperplane representation. For example, the user can express the list of facets of the polytope by a list of points for each facet or a list of hyperplane parameters(a tuple for each facet).

p1 = [(0, 1, 0), (1, 0, 0), (0, 0, 0)]
p2 = [([-1, 0, 0], 0), ([1, 1, 0], 1), ([0, -1, 0], 0)]

The code should be able to figure out what the points are and then pass on that list of points representation to the rest of the other functions. I should be done with this in a day or two. To finish up the work for GSoC I’ll get the PR on intersecting polygons sorted out. After that, remaining documentation will have to be written and requisite clean-up to be done.


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