Week 7 Report(July 11 – July 17) : Implicit Intersections

I had initially planned to begin implementing the 3D case this week. But I wanted closure for the 2D case. Currently there is no support for implicit intersections for polygons. One could make the failing tests pass by not raising an error when such a polygon is encountered, but obviously that wouldn’t be a good solution.
So, from the discussion in pull request #12931 :

1. Fleury’s algorithm is not required. A better approach to calculate area would be to simply flip the sides after crossing an intersection point and come back to initial direction of traversal once that point is encountered again. I have implemented this technique locally. It has worked fine for the following polygons but still seems to have some minor bugs which I’ll fix really soon. Once that’s done I’ll update the pull request.

>>> p1 = Polygon((0,-3), (-1,-2), (2,0), (-1,2), (0,3))
>>> p1.area
>>> p2 = Polygon((0,0), (1,0), (0,1), (1,1))
>>> p2.area

All of this was because of the material here.

2. The intersections are currently being found by a slow technique which I designed. A much better one by the name of Bentley-Ottmann algorithm exists for the same purpose. Once I get the area working for all the test cases on the codegolf link, I’ll work on implementing this.

3. Christopher also suggested that we add a property called footprint_area, which would refer to area that a polygon covers(i.e. the hull of the polygon) and another property called hull which would refer to that very path. I was initially confusing this area with the area that depends on direction. Now I see that this footprint area isn’t the one normally referred to when talking about the area of a polygon and it’s actually the other one.


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