Week 6 Report(July 4 – July 11) : 2D complete, time to begin 3D

I finished the 2D implementation this week. I’m very thankful to Gaurav Dhingra(a fellow senior GSoC student) for taking the time to review the pull request and suggest some really good changes. This is the link to it –> #12673.
The last issue with the 2D case was the case of implicit intersecting polygons not being handled properly.
So, I submitted another pull request to resolve that matter. Of course, it will probably require a considerable number of changes which reviewers will advise. This is the link to it –> #12931.

Now,  I have to begin implementing the 3D case. When making the proposal I thought of writing an entire 3-Polytope module first, but now that would seem like overkill and it isn’t a simple task to do so. Of course, if such a need arises then I definitely will get down to the task and write one on similar lines as the Polygon module. Firstly, I’ll have to think about the input API for 3-Polytopes. Once I have some kind of idea, I’ll ask Ondrej for advice.


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